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There are many ways of getting a cheap flight, and scattered around the web is lots of information on how to get a low priced air ticket. We bring you here links to some of the best information we have found. The first is information about flights from the USA, the second covers specifically flights from the USA to Europe and the third relates specifically to flights from the UK to Spain.
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This link takes you to Chapter 4 of How to See the World, an excellent site, packed with information for the budget traveller looking for a cheap flight. This chapter includes sections on:
  • Booking Strategies
  • Large Internet Sites
  • Student and Budget Specialists
  • Domestic Bucket Shops
  • Ethnic and Foreign Bucket Shops
  • Courier Flying
  • Round-the-World Tickets
  • Charters
  • Bumping
Cheap Flights to Europe
This link takes you to an article from Transitions Abroad Magazine and explains several ways of getting a bargain flight from the USA to Europe. It covers:
  • Student Travel Agencies
  • Flying “open-jaw”
  • Consolidator Tickets
  • Chartered Flights
  • Courier Services
  • Stand-By
Holiday Spain: Getting There
This final link is to Chapter 6 from a FREE Book on Holidays in Spain that deals specifically with flights from the UK to Spain. It contains a fair amount of useful information worth reading and probably contained some ideas you haven't met before. Ignore the chapter links at the top of each page of the book, they don't work. Use the links at the bottom of each page.
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